Alter Ego 4.9% 24x330ml Bottle


- Nie im Leben! exclaims the brewer master and gives the groom a hefty bass up. The young go-getter has had the audacity to suggest brewing lagers. This Bavarian hittepå! Brew Master is red in the visage of resentment and need fresh air. He storms toward the door and roars that here in Düsseldorf will be certainly bridge the old way! As long as he is alive! So it became. In this city, it is still Altbier man will be served if you ask for a beer.

In our version of this classic German ale, we have not wanted to go the whole hog too much. Beer type is in its original embodiment almost complete.

RegionVästra Götaland
SKU8847703/24 / 8847703 / 7350075270178
Volume percent4.9%
Alcohol tax78.48 SEK - 3.27 SEK/unit


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