Pite IPA 6.5% 24x330ml Can


In 1621, the cities of Luleå, Tornio and Piteå toasted that they had received their city privileges from Gustaf II Adolf and they are now celebrationg 400 years as cities. We Bottenvikens Bryggeri, Tornio Panimo and Piteå Bryggeri celebrate this with beer.

Gustav is today's city breweries' interpretation of how the beer may have tasted when they toasted in the three cities 400 years ago. We brewed it with only Swedish and Finnish malts and hops.

Raise your glass and toast with Gustav! It is an amber ale with light body and flavors from smoked malt and a clear bitterness from the Finnish and Swedish hops.

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Volume percent6.5%
Alcohol tax117.36 SEK - 4.89 SEK/unit


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