Cenobite - Oak Aged Red Ale 6.9% 24x330ml Bottle

Macken Bryggeri

Perversely beautiful red ale with dismembered yet robust body. It has a graceful and elegant malt flavour perfectly balanced by perfumy scent of hops and bourbon whiskey notes of caramel, orange, vanilla and citrus. A metaphysical sensual experience that will tear your soul apart!

This Bourbon Red Ale is homage to the masterwork of the English horror fiction author Clive Barker.

The name of the label is after the Cenobites (i.e. the Order of Gash) from the film "Hellraiser" [1987] by Clive Barker, based on his novella "The Hellbound Heart" [1986].

The label features the Lemarchand’s box as the container of the synesthethic interpretation of the specific part [04:20-06:38] of the song "Left Hand Path" [1989] by Entombed under Jonathan Hultén’s (our artist) personal colour synesthesia and a geometrical configuration proposal.

The box sides describe the synesthetic interpretation into the Metatron’s Cube in Dual Tonic Diatonic Ring Model based on the Grand Scientific Musical Theory by Richard Merrick condensing the holistic audible impression of listening to the aforementioned part of the song. Read the description of the synesthetic interpretation of "Left Hand Path into Lemarchand’s box" below.

The leader of the Cenobites also known as "Pinhead" and the iconic chains appear in the background of the visual.

The colour scheme is accordingly converted from CMYK colour model into NCS colour system due to this latter is the nearest to the colour perception by the human eye according to the final outcomes of our Brewmaster and founder Andres Furukawa’s PhD thesis.

The logo font is derived from the font of the film poster of Hellraiser.

The over-all framing of the label is rather cinematic and enigmatic, surrounded by a drape of violence and horror.

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