Snörsjö Lager 5.0% 24x330ml Bottle

Heavy MetAle

When the fog silently hovering over the bog in Snörsjö, you can feel the nature reaching after your soul. Only the tallest pine trees are towering above the ground that are covered in mists. It can be a slightly scary feeling when the clear view has disappeared in front of you and each step becomes uncertain. Although The brain rewires itself to boost the remaining senses and enhances new nuances of aromas and flavors that might been hidden before.
Gösta's Snörsjö Lager is a beer with only natural ingrediency and if you close your eyes you will find a mild and gentle taste and aroma of forest and cloudberries. Gösta was a man from Snörsjö who cared for the nature and his fellow human beings. He was a man who knew how to steer the steps correctly even if the view was not clear.
Snörsjölagern has a pleasant and gentle tone that you want to get familiar with. Especially on warmer days or hard-working moments when your thirst is making itself reminded. The hops in Snörsjölagern are dense and mild hops that we like to describe as a hence of heather, forest, cloudberries and pine.
The fantastic photo of the bog at the label is captured by Göran Ebenhart and we cannot express in words our gratitude for this magical impressions of the nature in Snörsjö.

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