Skogsröj Pale Ale 5.2% 24x330ml Bottle

Heavy MetAle

With a great passion for music, love for the home surroundings, and with a non-profit workforce, Sweden's nicest festival has gained a firm foothold in the soil of the forest around Rejmyre.
Skogsröjets Pale Ale is as well a tribute to music as to nature it self and to the generous soul of the countryside.

It is the common force all together that creates the magic that have shaped the rock festival in this small town outside Norrköping for over 15 years.

Skogsröjet Pale Ale has an earthy character and mild malt sweetness that carry and balance the fabulous hop mix of both pine and spruce forest as well as the summer meadow's florality.

The collaboration between Heavy Metale and the organization behind the festival of Skogsröjet has been mutual warm and joyful and jointly we have produced a beer that pays tribute to the power and love that all Skogsröjet's volunteers and visitors create as they once a year contribute to filling the Rejmyre meadows and forests with energy, happiness and rock´n roll.

Art. nr.3590503/24 / 3590503 / 7350081370312
Alkoholskatt87,36 SEK - 3,64 SEK/enhet


Betyg 3,33 av 1962 användare
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