Northern Exposure THE BLUFF 8.8% 24x440ml Can

Ekerö Brygghus

Stand tall on THE BLUFF and feel the salt spray and the smell of the sea. The Bluff is a vegan plant-based oyster stout brewed with botanicals. No real oysters were harmed in the making if this beer. The weird and wonderful oyster leaf plant provides the bivalve backbone - the leaves of this plant actually taste like real oysters. We boost the taste with Icelandic lava salt and dried seaweed. Emily Stevens goes nautical on this Far Out Places graphical design. Beer and art to be simply enjoyed! Cheers from us!

CategoryImperial porter/stout
SKU3695714/24A / 3695714 / 7350083093974
Volume percent8.8%
Alcohol tax187.68 SEK - 7.82 SEK/unit


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