Glou Glou Goo 5.7% 12x375ml Bottle

Stockholm Brewing Co

Collaboration with Fruktstereo, our cider making friends in Skåne. We took some of their left over yeasts (the goo!) from an apple/plum/pear cider fermentation. We aged the beer in a selection of small used wine barrels plus one stainless steel tank for a year. Upon tasting, we decided to add organic gooseberries, red currants and blueberries. We left the fruit to maccerate for only 2 weeks before racking, secondary fermentation and prepared it for bottling and kegging. The resulting beer is a pink, tart sour with aromas of petrichor (hot wet stone, currant leaf and gooseberries. We think its pretty elegant and complex. We bottled it in clear bottles like a Pet Nat, a classic natural wine style of sparkling wine. Hence the name Glou Glou Goo. Perfect for summer.

CategoryFatlagrad öl
SKU3662503/12 / 3662503 / 7350010180968
Volume percent5.7%
Alcohol tax51.84 SEK - 4.32 SEK/unit


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