Tundra IPL 5.6% 24x330ml Bottle

Heavy MetAle

A powerful and tasty Lager slightly stronger than a regular lager and a with a lot of hops creating a full range of nuance and aromas without the bitterness becoming too troublesome.
Tundra India Pale Ale gives you a soft start like a regular lager then it takes a dramatic turn where fruity and herbaceous hop riffs kicks in and create magic, in the same way that the melodic rock of Tungsten is combined with the heavy and powerful power metal sound.

Tundra is the first official band beer by the Swedish metal band TUNGSTEN in collaboration with Swedish brewery Heavy MetAle. The label on the bottle is the same as the album cover of TUNGSTENs second album entitled ”Tundra” (released November 27, 2020). This wonderful India Pale Lager was carefully tried out by the members of the band and the brewery. This beer was released on January 4, 2021 at ”Systembolaget” (the liquor store in Sweden). It´s orderable in Sweden via Systembolagets website all over Sweden and has no package requirements which means you can buy 1 bottle or you can buy many. Item nr at Systembolaget is 35336. Tundra IPL is top notch always but, especially when listening to the music of TUNGSTEN!

CategoryImperial pils/IPL
SKU- / 3533603 / 7350081370244
Volume percent5.6%
Alcohol tax94.08 SEK - 3.92 SEK/unit


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